Communication and interpersonal Skills
Communication and interpersonal Skills

Excellence at Work

Excellence at work comprises strategic skills such as the ability to communicate with clarity, honesty and respect, to engage in active listening, to interact with and relate to others in harmony and to manage conflicts and difficulties assertively. Working environments can easily become arenas of personal conflicts and confrontation which drain the company’s vitality and undermine progress towards its objectives.

Social Relations and Communication: Becoming assertive

This workshop focuses on the ability to interact, relate to and communicate with others particularly in circumstances where social interactions are hampered by temperamental and communication difficulties. To become assertive in communication means to be able to listen and speak to others in harmony and with mutual respect. To engage in assertive interactions with others means to be able to work towards goals that are congruent both with the person’s inner harmony and the company’s philosophy and ethos. This workshop teaches communication methods and relational dynamics and techniques that enhance serene social relations and assertive corporate communication in the company. It also teaches methods to act in excellence, have clarity of ideas and enhance ability to focus even in difficult and stressful situations.

Workshop Lay Out

This workshop generally involves two meetings each lasting about 7 hours. It is possible to tailor our intervention by including content, themes and exercises from other workshops in order to create tailored training that is of shorter or longer duration. The sessions include practical demonstrations and exercises among the participants, depending on the specific needs, format and content selected by the client.

Upon request, we will develop a customised proposal in collaboration with the client to illustrate in more detail the main points and topics covered during our workshops. It is also possible to tailor our training to include content, themes and exercises from our other workshops. We usually conduct our workshops on-site, at the offices of the client, unless otherwise agreed.

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