Our intervention


Tailored Training for Human Resources

Silvia Latham Consultancy provides different training services created specifically to meet the client’s needs. Our ultimate goal is to develop customized training projects that assist the company in its growth and fulfil its social responsibility towards managers and employees.

Training and Support: Methods and Content

Each training program offers distinct methods and content. The activities organized for the client generally include theoretical training, necessary to develop knowledge and awareness, combined with practical demonstrations and exercises for participants, aimed at the consolidation and application of the techniques presented during the training. Depending on the format, content and the specific needs of the client, we may also facilitate group discussion and reflection to encourage sharing amongst participants and the discovery of new ways forward.

The different Phases of our support:

  • An initial meeting with the client will take place to assess the company social environment and the challenges and opportunities for improvement and growth for which we could contribute training.
  • We develop and design tailor-made training to suit the client’s specific needs. Content and themes can be drawn from different subject areas and can be combined and included in one session.
  • Our training is conducted on-site unless otherwise specified by the client. All staff participating in training must do so voluntarily.
  • We provide any necessary support, whether for groups and for individuals.

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