Our approach

Approccio2This page illustrates the most important epistemological assumptions of the therapeutic and transformative work of Silvia Latham.

There is a part of us that is beyond our thinking mind, our limitations, our weaknesses, and our sufferings. It is a part that touches our positive resources, our energies, our ancestral wisdom, our connection with creation, our capacity for transcendence. It is a part that is nurtured by our experiences and sends positive energy to the multiplicity of our being (the system). This part has been given many different names in different cultures and traditions.

To connect with this part of us and to live in harmony with it is one of the highest and most noble goals shared by generative trance, transformational coaching, NLP, PRH, and mindfulness. In particular, the purpose of a generative, transformational and mindful intervention is to create and restore balance and harmony between the parts that make up our system: the body, the mind and the field.

The body is the somatic part that senses and transmits positive and negative emotions and feelings. It is an important part of our system. When the body is in balance with the other parts, we find in it the deep sense of personal solidity, who we are, our physical changes and self-realization. The body and mind in harmony with the environment helps to make the right decisions. It is the seat of our inner consciousness. When the body responds differently to our desire for action, expressing symptoms or negative emotional states, it is time to stop and listen. Our body is the vehicle through which the unconscious expresses its messages, sends its requests and calls for acts of liberation and awakening. In Buddhist philosophy as well as in other religions of the world and in our transformative work the simple act of recognizing and accepting the negative in us triggers a movement of openness and receptivity to integration and liberation of the good that is often experienced through the body.

The mind is the cognitive part of our system. It is the thinking part, the seat of will power and freedom to make decisions. The mind interprets the outside world. It reads the messages of our body and our emotions. The mind transmits and holds, according to different processes, the representations of past experiences (memories) following a path of absorption of events that is usually influenced by the social context in which the person was born and lived. Each change of context or circumstance determines phases of adjustment, rehabilitation and re-awakening of the I. Radical changes can cause discomfort and malfunctions in one’s identity map. Our response to these changes affects the harmony in the relationship between body, mind and field. When the mind is blocked by repetitive and limiting thoughts, distorted images of the self or representations of traumas from the past, it does not recognize the positive and the energies that are in our system. It does not read and interpret correctly the messages of the body and external events. It becomes a tyrant. It consumes the energies of the body and negatively affects the space surrounding us. Negative emotions, narrow mindedness and the limits imposed by our cognitive processes are neuro-muscular blocks waiting to be dissolved and transformed to welcome the new flows of energy and a new awareness of the infinite possibilities of the being.

Field is the part that has multiple functions. Field refers to both a real external environment as well as the spiritual and energetic field that surrounds our existence. Field is the mirror that reflects the harmony and the musicality of our body-mind relationship. It is an expression of our energies. It is the driving force and catalyst of our generative processes and our daily lives. We create our reality based on the relationship we have with our unconscious. We get excellent results and achieve our highest goals when we are congruent with our unconscious creativity and when we live in balance and harmony with the symbiosis of body-mind-field.

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