Our approach

Nostro Approccio

Our professional Expertise: a unique Contribution

Our approach is unique, developed over years of personal testing and experimentation. It is the product of a careful selection of various techniques and methods of self-control, self-management, therapeutic change, peak performance and assertive communication. Our distinctive professional support benefits also from years of anthropological fieldwork and experience as well as from years of practice and professional expertise in the field of personal growth.

Dynamics and social Interactions in Companies

Companies are social organizations imbued with rules and various levels of duties and responsibilities. Men and women working in companies interact among themselves at different levels of communication, each bringing in their own life experiences, personal expertise and professionalism. Poor interaction and ineffective communication among employees can undermine the efficiency and vitality of the organisation in the company. Negative attitudes such as communicative resistance, disillusionment, boredom and alienation can diminish companies’ social cohesion, good functioning and productivity.

The People: active Subjects of their own personal Growth

To empower people working in companies means to turn them into active subjects of their own personal growth. This occurs when they are given the opportunity to become assertive in their communication, manage their relationships with self respect and respect for others, deal with stress, physical and mental fatigue in appropriate and healthy ways. The positive outcomes of such empowerment are beneficial not only for the individuals concerned but also for the company with long lasting effects on its productivity and growth.

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