Become competitive through Human Resources

Human Resources Management: Coaching and Training

servizi-azienda-promuovere-risorse-umaneMaking the most of human resources within a company requires enhancing assertiveness, harmony and personal excellence and amongst all its staff from managers to workers. To this end, Silvia Latham Consultancy provides companies with coaching and training in different areas of human resources management. 

Our Mission: positive Sharing and constructive Dialogue at Work

Our mission is to turn the working experience, at all levels of responsibility and capacity for action, into an opportunity for all personnel to engage in constructive dialogue and in positive sharing in ways that are productive both for the individuals and for the company.

Our philosophy is based upon the uniqueness of human beings who are the custodians of great inner resources and potential waiting to be discovered, liberated and extolled.

Our strength is our holistic approach to the person that stems from the interdisciplinary combination of dedicated personal training and anthropological understanding.

In the business context this is conveyed through different interventions in various formats with a range of content, which can be tailored to meet the client’s needs.

Areas of Support:

Silvia Latham Consultancy offers valid support for the success and growth of your business by enhancing the strength and potential in your human resources.

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