Well-being at work
Well-being at work

Techniques for Keeping and Staying healthy at Work

This workshop teaches methods and techniques to keep healthy and boost mental and physical energy in a working context where long hours are often spent at the computer or at the desk. Based on Asian techniques of body care and deep relaxation, this workshop introduces discrete methods to cope with the hectic rhythms of work. It shows how to face moments of physical, visual and mental fatigue and to invigorate the immune system by increasing inner energy. Our ultimate goal is to teach techniques of self-revitalization that are useful both at work and in individuals’ private life

Physical and Mental well-being: a win-win Approach

Our training and support can be provided in a single day (maximum duration of 7 hours), or in two, three or four sessions, each lasting two hours. The sessions include practical demonstrations and exercises among the participants, depending on the specific needs, format and content selected by the client.

Upon request, we will develop a customised proposal in collaboration with the client to illustrate in more detail the main points and topics covered during our workshops. It is also possible to tailor our training to include content, themes and exercises from our other workshops. We usually conduct our workshops on-site, at the offices of the client, unless otherwise agreed.

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