Stress Management
Stress Management

Managing Physical and Mental Stress

Work-related stress and burnout are the tangible reality of many working environments. The negative effects of work-related stress impinge upon the health of those who are involved and on the relationships and productive life of the company.

This workshop aims to teach effective methods to manage stress and burn-out. Through practical techniques and mindfulness methods this workshop illustrates ways to handle physical and mental work-related stress in healthy ways, before, during and after stressful situations.

The harmful Effects of Stress on Health

By drawing attention to the harmful effects of work-related stress on health, this workshop also considers a mental approach to stress. With short sessions of individual reflection or group discussion this workshop focuses on the different ways of perceiving stressful events and of tackling stressors. In particular, it introduces ways to become proactive and assertive in order to prevent stress. The objective is to indicate ways to embrace positive attitudes and endorse personal growth even in situations of considerable work-related stress.

Preventing work-related Stress with a positive Attitude

Our training and support can be provided in a single day (maximum duration of 7 hours), or in two, three or four sessions, each lasting two hours. The sessions include practical demonstrations and exercises among the participants, depending on the specific needs, format and content selected by the client.

Upon request, we will develop a customised proposal in collaboration with the client to illustrate in more detail the main points and topics covered during our workshops. It is also possible to tailor our training and include content, themes and exercises from our other workshops. We usually conduct our workshops on-site, at the offices of the client, unless otherwise agreed.

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